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Lindmark Welinder

In Memoriam
Dan Lindmark

Dan had a unique ability to combine a vast legal knowledge with a subtle intuition for the client’s business and interests. He was an excellent negotiator, but also humble enough to recognize the counter party’s interests and the need to reach win-win solutions and was thereby highly respected everywhere. 

Dan was an endless source of inspiration and never failed to produce new ideas regardless of what kind of problems he faced. He hated to repeat himself and always found new approaches. Through his leadership and engagement in Lindmark Welinder, he was crucial for the development of our law firm from the time it was a local startup, 33 years ago, until today when it is a respected and internationally well reputed Swedish commercial law firm. Until the end he indefatigably continued to develop our business on a long-term basis. He always had time to listen, was positive, witty, and liked to share his experience, wisdom and energy. He leaves a great void behind him, but we keep his memory bright. 

We are endlessly grateful of having been his friends and colleagues during so many years.